done-for-you social media content for the advisor who needs to get social

The social cfp.

Try consistent brand positioning on for size!

You know you need to start moving past relying on referrals to grow your practice and that leads you online.


Step 1. Start posting on social media.


Only… you're busy, hate social media and oh ya, not interested in adding ‘content creator’ to your to-do list.


This leads to the classic business owner scenario:

👉You start to post and get some traction but then you get busy only to realize months have gone by without posting. 

👉Then you think about that for another month. 

👉Finally, you're ready to get started but you're drawing a blank.


OR… you hire a company that posts article links for you. Problem solved! 


Only… all (ALL!) of your competitors, inside and outside of your office- are using the same service.


👉Is anyone getting anything from it? 

👉There's already so much noise online. How can you rise above it? 

👉This does nothing to build your brand and show people who you are!

Get 3 months of consistent messaging happening while you do your thing

PLUS: branded videos!

One post can't create a brand. That's why consistently covering a variety of content categories is so effective. 

It's important to add more of YOU to your content. Your network takes for granted that you have the financial strategies they need, we need to show them who you are.

People do business with the advisors they know, like and trust. Sharing links to articles that everyone is sharing isn't memorable and doesn't build relationships.

it's not


going viral

It's about building an authentic brand as a professional and vital member of your community

It's about building an audience with your ideal clients

It's about going past the designations and showing more of YOU

It's about giving a consistent approach to growing online a chance

Sign up for the social cfp and get 3 months of personalized, compliant, brand building content created and scheduled.

you don't have to lift a finger!

the social cfp.

1 time payment


= 3 months of content created and scheduled for you

Commit to 3 months of consistently showing up online!

What can you expect?


A Brand Voice Call where we get to know all about your practice, your goals and your ideal clients.


My team creates content and graphics for 3 months worth of content. We use our proven Check Mark 5 content creation system to be sure that all the bases are covered in your content strategy so your brand build post by post.


Your content is scheduled to go out at optimal times, optimized for the platform.


You stay in your zone of genius, knowing that the long term work of building your brand is happening without you having to lift a finger.


Owner of Hawthorne House Media, a boutique marketing agency focused on strategies for financial advisors.

I bring my background in financial services and combine it with my years of training and experience in digital marketing to build brands, generate leads and make our 1:1 clients the go-to advisors in their markets. 

It all starts with social media strategies.

Social media is how we begin to build a brand independently of your company- and start to build your audience.

The Social CFP was designed to support you in starting to build a consistent presence online, one that builds your brand and makes you the go-to expert in your market.

Let’s talk faq's

what is my time committment?

We need an hour for your Brand Voice call. This gives us the info we need to create content that is personalized to you. You will need to look over the sample content we send for approval and then that's it!

Do I post the content?

We take care of scheduling your content and monitor posts to stay on top of any engagement.

Will the content be compliant?

Yes! We use our proven Check Mark 5 content creation system to create content that covers all the bases. This includes company and industry related content and it includes YOU. You'll never see posts recommending any products.

What is the commitment?

Your one time payment covers 6 months of content creation and scheduling. After three months, we can continue or explore other services or part ways. 

any other questions?

Email with any questions that you have.

who is this not  right for?

Your company doesn't let you post

If you need all posts to be submitted for approval, this likely won't work.

You are looking for a quick fix

Social media is one part of a complete marketing strategy. It's important but it can't do the heavy lifting of all the steps. This is about building your presence, your brand and your positioning in the market.

you want to be on every network

The strategies we use are made for LinkedIn personal profiles and Facebook business pages. 

any other questions about if this is right for you?

Email with any questions that you have.